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Stablecoin ERC20 transactions dataset

Stablecoins are special tokens that are meant to maintain a fixed price value (e.g., 1USD per token) over time by being pegged to a fiat currency. Stablecoins are used as a safe house from the volatility that standard cryptocurrencies experience. In this task, the goal is to gain insight into the market behavior and activity at the time of the Terra Luna crash when it lost its $1 USD peg in early May 2022.

We provide ERC20 transaction data of the top five stablecoins in market cap (USDT, USDC, DAI, UST, PAX) and WLUNA. Wrapped LUNA (WLUNA) is not a stablecoin, but it is a form of the LUNA classic token mined and traded on the Ethereum blockchain. Each transaction in the data comprises the quantity of the respective stablecoin defined by the contract address in its row, transferred between various Ethereum externally owned addresses or smart contracts. Our data set contains transactions from blocks 14500001 (Friday, April 1, 2022 11:10:21 AM GMT) to 15872937 (Tuesday, November 1, 2022 4:53:59 AM GMT) which span approximately a period of one month before the crash to six months after the crash. We also provide the price data which contains UTC time zone price data (open, high, low, close) in USD of each stablecoin (USDT, USDC, DAI, UST, PAX) and WLUNA from April 1 2022 to November 1 2022. All price data were obtained from Coin Market Cap. Finally, the event data has been provided (event, timestamp, type, stablecoin) for significant events that occurred between April 1 2022 to November 1 2022 that impacted the stablecoins network.

Dataset characteristics: edge file and price data in csv for each token network.
Task 1: Unsupervised learning - Analyze stablecoin market behavior and activity.
Task 2: Change point detection - Detect the time when the LunaTerra crash (May 7th, 2022) caused a shock in the stablecoins ecosystem.
Data start date: Apr-01-2022.
Data end date: Nov-01-2022.
Number of stablecoins (tokens): 5 stablecoins and 1 wrapped token.

Cite Our Dataset:

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Transaction graphs of the six networks

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1 822 MB From Apr-28-2022 To May-24-2022 Download
2 4.3 GB From Apr-28-2022 To Oct-07-2022 Download
3 5.6 GB From Apr-01-2022 To Nov-01-2022 Download

Daily prices of the six networks 

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1 12.56 KB From Apr-01-2022 To Nov-01-2022 Download

Important events of the six networks 

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1 3.15 KB From Apr-01-2022 To Nov-01-2022 Download